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Gold February Update

Gold February  2012
Total in compression ambit for the past week and helpless to cross 27790-27990 advertences some affairs burden at college level. As and if the condition will be clearer, till again delay and watch for bright breach out, Our target is 25000 and more, we will suggest do not try to trade without trading level.

Silver February 2012
As commented past week, able abutment 52010 and already crossover 53790-54110 do not accessible abbreviate and calmly move up to 56001 and it fabricated a top 55880. After all, bulk of hurdles at big level, but at accepted level any dive to buying  befalling with accede support 54010-53490 & resistance at  58245

Summary of Gold Market

All along January, gold price approved its arch achievement in an individual month back August 2011; for silver price it was back July 2011. Gold price is presently 10.75% aloft its Price from the borderline of 2011; silver has added 21.06% to its value. What were the active armaments for this assemblage in gold and silver prices during January? Part of it ability accept to do with the fresh agreement of the FOMC to accumulate rates at a low level until backward 2014 and the January effect  that  trade up the USA stock  markets. Will this assemblage of silver and gold prices abide in February 2012? Let’s assay the gold & silver market for January and accommodate a abbreviate anticipation for silver & gold prices for February 2012.

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