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Free MCX Gold Tips on Mobile

Are you planning to invest in mcx market then we will help you to make your investment very easy because we provides free mcx gold tips on mobile by sms, you can directly interact with our expert by subscribing free tips form then you will get two days free trial as well as you will get accurate ideas for commodity and ncdex market.

India's gold jewelry market has been shut down since the few days, as jewelers reach to demonstration against a tax increase on gold imports declared by the indian government last week.
Although most experts said the effect on India's precious metal need might be little, the statement worked a weighty short-term strike to the precious metal trading group.
MCX Gold for next month delivery on the mcx was direct at Rs.27, 890/10g
The tax increase also came as india’s actual gold need was already falling short of expectancy.
So our expert expected higher physical need in the india market

Gold April 2012: Purchase around 27,860 with a stop loss below 27,720 targets 28,110
May 2012: Sell around 56,850 with a stop loss above 57,210 targets 56,100
Copper April 2012: Purchase above 430 with a stop loss below 429 targets 436.
Crude April 2012: Sell around 5,455 with a stop loss above 5,480 targets 5,410

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