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Gold Coin Commodity

Gold Coin Investment Tips

Having gold coins in your procession is probably one of the best ways to secure your financial insecurities. Investing in gold during a currency crisis is a good insurance method that you will still be financial capable if everything were to crash. Gold coins have been recognized as authentic currency for centuries now.

When you are investing in gold coins, be sure that they are modern coins you are buying and not any rare or older ones. Rare and older coins tend to be more expensive and therefor take a little more time for you to break even. Typically when people buy such coins, it is to admire its historic value and not for an investment purchase. Sometimes older coins can sell for about the same as the going rate for a modern coin and when that is the case, it is always worth checking into.

It is a good rule of thumb for those investing in gold to never buy anything over 10% premium rate. You can safely say you are getting ripped off. The closer to the original golds mark up price the better. When the coins come fresh out of the national mint, it is typically sold for about 4% of the going rate to cover any expenses and make a slight profit. When it gets into the retailers hands, this is when you can get seriously ripped off if you are not too careful. A good amount for the retailer to charge is anywhere between 1-3%.

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  1. I think gold investment is the best way to invest your saving. Because its more safe then other business & investments. You will surely get high interest then others.

  2. brinda says:

    Excellent.. Keep it up.

  3. In situations where the commodity is metal, typically gold or silver, a government mint will often coin money by placing a mark on the metal.

  4. Sayli says:

    Yes Gold is really an precious investment!!!

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