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Gold Free Tips for 16-12-2011

Free Gold Tips for Today

Gold :(Feb 2012)

As closing month, it was guessed that already torn the abiding trend band of 28410, all-embracing bearish and big sell-off Judged, and it in fact did and assuredly fabricated a low of 26516. But due to abbreviate accoutrement and some beginning affairs it managed to abut at 27321. All-embracing trend is bearish and boost to sell opportunity, as continued as charcoal beneath trading. Our ambitions of 25100 down, Just accept patience. At accepted trend some up- off center likely. Chief attrition at 28255-28410

Gold Trend Determine of this week 27210

Short-term up-off center if doesn’t breach and abutting beneath 27020 in after few trading sessions Likely to analysis 28010 plus, but college akin is alert and affairs opportunity.

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